Friday 1 January 2021

National Games


National Games


1.       Write in detail about the Indian Olympic Association.

2.       Write a note about the main sports competitions.

3.       Write a note on the following:

(a) Ranga Swami Cup

b) Agha Khan Cup

(c) Bombay Gold Cup

d) Brighton Cup

(e) All India Nehru "Senior Hockey Competition.

(f) All India Nehru "-Junior" Hockey Competition

4.       Write a note on the following:

(a) Durand Cup

(b) Rovers Cup

(c) Savroto Cup

(d) Ranji Trophy

(e) C.K. Naidu Trophy

5.       Write the names of the president, general secretary of the Indian Olympic Association elected in the year 1927.

6.       Where were held first modern Olympic games.