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Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources


Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources

Question 1
What changes would you suggest in your home in order to be environment friendly?

We would suggest following changes in our home to make it environment friendly.

1.     Separate wastes into recyclable and non-recyclable.

2.     Use electricity judiciously.

3.     Follow three R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse).

4.     Eat as much as you require but do not waste food.

5.     Use water judiciously.

6.     Reuse newspapers and use less plastic.

7.     Have more windows in the house for natural light.

8.     T.V., fans, lights etc should be turned off while going outside the room. Less use of heaters. Try wearing sweaters instead.

9.     Public transport should be used instead of private vehicles.

Question 2
Can you suggest some changes in your school which would make it environment friendly ?

Following changes can be made in schools to make it environment friendly.

1.     Plant enough trees in the school.

2.     Leaking taps should be repaired so that water is not wasted.

3.     Bring food in reusable boxes, not in plastic bags or in aluminium foil.

4.     Teachers can educate students about environmental conservation.

5.     There should be more windows in school for natural light.

Question 3
We saw in this chapter that the are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wild life. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produce ? Why do you think so?

The people living in and around the forests and the forest department of The Government could be given the authority to manage the forests because the forest department of the Government has sufficient power and resources that can manage the forest resources well. The people living in and around forests know about the forest products and use them only according to their needs. In addition to this, they would not damage the forests and use forests sustainably.

Question 4
How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference to the management of (a) forests and wild life (b) water resources and (c) and petroleum ?

(a) As an individual we can contribute the following to conserve forest and wildlife.

1.     Trees should not be cut. If trees needed to be cut, then new trees should be planted in their place.

2.     Trees should be saved from fire.

3.     Forest animals should be protected and their illegal hunting should be prohibited. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

(b) As an individual we can contribute the following in the management of water resources.

1.     Tap should be closed when water is not in use while brushing, shaving, washing hands.

2.     Protect water sources from getting polluted.

3.     If there is any leak in water distribution system, then repair it or inform concerned agency.

(c) As an individual we can contribute the following in the management of coal and petroleum.

1.     Public transport should be used instead of private vehicle. It saves petrol.

2.     Do not use electricity in vain.

3.     Switch off the vehicle at the red light if you have to wait for too long.

4.     Wear extra sweater instead of using heaters.

5.     Use LPG or CNG.

Question 5
What can you as an individual do to reduce your consumption of the various natural resources ?

We can do the following as an individual to reduce our consumption of the various natural resources.

1.     Follow the principle of three R’s i.e., Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

2.     Plastic bags should be reused for the storage of food and small things.

3.     Food should be taken as per requirement.

4.     Reusable bottles should be used to store water everyday.

5.     The devices based on renewable sources of energy like solar cell, solar heater, etc. should be used.

Question 6
List five things you have done over the last one week to
(a) conserve our natural resources.
(b) increase the pressure on our natural resources.

(a) To conserve our natural resources :

  • Saved electricity by switching off the lights, fans, television and other electrical appliances when not needed.
  • Used energy efficient electrical appliances. This is done by using compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and fluorescent tube lights instead of traditional filament type electric bulbs.
  • Used public transport for school instead of parent’s car.
  • Took bath with less water than before and did not waste water.
  • Took part in community awareness meetings regarding environmental conservation.

(b) To increase the pressure on natural resources :

  • Used more paper than required for printing on my computer.
  • Kept the fan on even when I was not in the room.
  • Wasted food.
  • Burnt crackers.
  • Wasted petrol by unnecessarily starting the motorbike.

Question 7
On the basis of the issues raised in this chapter, what changes would you incorporate in your life-style in a move towards sustainable use of our resources ?

We would bring following changes in our lifestyle so that sustainable use of our natural resources can be encouraged.

1.     We should limit our personal and collective needs beyond laws, rules and regulation so that the benefit of development can be made available to all and future generations.

2.     Close the tap when not in use.

3.     Turn off the lights, fans etc. in home, school or office when not in use.

4.     Make least use of polythene bags and these should not be thrown in garbage.